Quality carpeting can add sophistication and warmth to any room, but affording it can put a dent in any wallet. As carpet manufacturers come out with increasingly intricate nap designs, color combinations and stain resistance technologies, carpet prices climb steadily. But if you know where to look, you can find some amazing deals on quality carpet that won’t break the bank and won’t make your home look outdated.

Go to our local carpetsstore.ae to Find out if they have any discontinued styles that they need to get rid of. Also find out if they have any pre-cut carpet for sale cheap. They may also have remnants from previous installations to sell.

Find your local carpet installation company. Often, carpet installers have scraps of leftover carpet from big jobs (such as hotels). These carpets are often of the highest qualities, and the scraps can be big enough to fill an entire living room.

Go to online classified ad sites. Many online classified ad sites like Craigslist.com have users selling or giving away barely used carpet that the user is taking out of a newly purchased home. They could be removing the carpet and getting rid of it because they prefer hardwood floors or because they don’t like the color. In many cases, this carpeting was newly installed by the previous owners.

Scan your local paper for estate sales. Estate sales often have barely used area rugs and carpet for sale. The family holding the estate sale might not have even thought about selling the carpet. Ask if they would consider it, as you may get a positive answer.

Watch for flooring stores that go out of business. Unfortunately, many flooring stores go out of business each year and deeply discount their in-stock merchandise to reduce their losses. This can be a fantastic opportunity for you to buy cheap carpets in Dubai.