arpeting adds color to your sunroom and offers added comfort to a relaxing area. Selecting the right carpet for your needs and decor can seem overwhelming, but if you are well informed and know where to look, you can find the perfect floor covering to enhance your sunroom.

Things You’ll Need
Tape measure

Determining the Type
Determine the kind of carpet you want in your sunroom based on the amount of traffic in it and the specific uses of your room. Select an indoor/outdoor carpeting if there is an outdoor entry to the sunroom. Also choose a carpet that is resistant to fading.

Decide on a color for your carpet based on the purpose of your sunroom. A light-colored carpet will brighten up the space. Extra light encourages plant growth and provides an inviting environment for reading or simply relaxing.

Consider ease of maintenance when deciding on a specific carpet. The best-looking carpet may not be the easiest to maintain. Weigh your desire for aesthetic appeal against the amount of work you intend to invest in the care of your carpet.

Draw a diagram of your sunroom so you can estimate the square footage of your new carpet. Include closets, doorways and other permanent fixtures in your diagram.

Measure the dimensions of your sunroom with a tape measure. Most carpet comes in 12-foot widths. If your sunroom is wider, several pieces may need to be seamed, which may cause your carpet to look as though it has different shades on either side of the seam.

Add your measurements to your diagram. Multiply the width, in feet, of the room by the length. This will give you the square footage.

Convert the estimated square footage to square yards by dividing the number by 9.

Selecting a Vendor
Compare carpet vendors. Look for retailers that provide quality carpet for a reasonable price.

Consider vendors that offer inexpensive installation of carpets, if you do not intend to install your carpet yourself.

Provide your desired vendor with your diagram and measurements. Your vendor may want to come to your home to verify your measurements.