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Carpets in Office buildings, medical facilities, hotels and retail stores need carpets that can withstand a tremendous amount of foot traffic and are easy to maintain. By knowing what you’re looking for before you shop, you can make a more educated purchase.

Look for something new and decoratively different. There was a time when industrial-grade loop pile carpeting held the monopoly in commercial flooring. New technologies now offer a myriad of options, including intricate carpet patterns with fiber compositions that can withstand heavy use and look good with little maintenance.

Consider the space that will contain the floor covering. If it’s a formal office, opt for a single color, deeply textured carpet. A medical building can benefit from carpets in cool, calming shades like green and blue. The lobby of a hotel can be anchored by a brightly colored, high-quality area rug.

Learn about various types of fiber. Nylon is the granddaddy of commercial carpets. It’s resilient, easy to clean and wears for years. Olefin fibers are used in areas where there is concern about fading from the sun or from interaction with chemicals. Although it produces low levels of static electricity and is resistant to stains and fading, olefin is not as durable to traffic as nylon. Wool is the premium choice for area rugs due to its ability to stand up under wear and to self-extinguish when burned. Wool is soft, luxurious and adds a sophisticated air to a space. It’s also more expensive than manufactured fibers and is generally reserved for special areas.

Learn about backing. Backing is important when it comes to choosing a commercial carpet or area rug. All carpeting has a backing system to keep the carpet tufts in place. Some backings are better suited for durability, others for moisture-resistance. Tell your salesperson your priorities when it comes to your carpet and how it’s most likely to be used. Use will ultimately determine the kind of backing you’re looking for.

Purchase carpeting that can handle the wear it’s likely to receive. Public areas like lobbies, hallways and offices fare best with carpeting that has a low, dense construction. Tight fibers are easier to clean because spills have to work harder to get down into the carpet. Further, they withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain their appearance longer. Cut pile carpets work well in rooms that receive less traffic, like boardrooms and administration areas. The same is true when it comes to area rugs. Busy areas like lobbies benefit from a tighter weave than out-of-the-way spots like an individual office.