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Office Carpets Tiles

Office Carpets Tiles

June 2, 2016

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Your office carpet is the face of your business. When decorating the space, think about first impressions and what you want your clients to think about you–and your company–when they step through the door.
Choosing the Right Carpet
First, figure out your budget for carpet. This will help narrow down your choices when you reach the store.

Consider the colors of your walls and furniture. If possible, be prepared with paint chips and samples of wood/fabric used in your office. The carpet should complement other items in the room. Remember that light colors will show dirt sooner than dark colors or busy patterns.

Choose the right material for office carpets tiles. There are different thicknesses of carpet. For instance, if you have a chair that rolls on wheels, a thick carpet could be difficult to maneuver on. Consider a stain-resistant carpet for areas with a lot of traffic. If you think about these issues before visiting a store, you will know what to ask the salesperson.

The salesperson can give you books of office carpet tiles samples. Compare them with your paint chips to find two or three that meet your criteria for color, thickness and material. If possible, borrow your favorite samples and examine them in the office. Seeing the samples next to your walls and furniture and under your office lighting will make the choice easier. If you cannot borrow the samples, bring a camera and take photos.

Ask for advice from co-workers. People who will be working in the office undoubtedly will have thoughts about how their surroundings should look. Before making a final decision, get a second opinion from your most trusted colleagues.

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