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How to buy the best carpet

Who says that our home is the only place we can bring new life into the world? Carpets, your beautiful rugs, deserve to experience all they can in this world and as such deserve a lot of love. Rugs become more than just an image on the floor.

They become a father when you look down at them. They appreciate your company on rainy days, they feel the winter’s cold winds and the summer’s hot sun alike, but most importantly for these little bundles of joy – laying on a carpet can make you smile again!

When you are building or remodeling your home, you have to consider many factors. Allergies, pets, family, and traffic flow can all factor into the flooring choices that eventually get made. best carpet shop in Dubai

So how will you know which kind of material – whether it be carpet or tile – is the best choice for you? This guide is designed to help answer some of the more common questions related especially

when it comes down to making the final decision about selecting your ideal design based on several factors like appearance, cost, and durability, and lastly perhaps most importantly cleaning frequency

so that once you’re read through our little guide you should be able to choose your preferred flooring solution with confidence!

From choosing samples to getting your carpet fitted, we help make your decision on what type of carpet you choose easier. best carpet shop in Dubai

1. Visit a carpet retailer
Sometimes you don’t know if a certain item is right for your home until you see it, touch it, and feel how durable and aesthetically-pleasing it is. That’s why when we surveyed more than 2,000 carpet manufacturers* they unanimously agreed they have no qualms with customers who come to their store to touch and feel the carpets before making a final decision about their purchase

What did you research when choosing carpet?
79% – visited carpet retailer’s shops
21% – ordered carpet samples
14% – research carpet retailers online

13% – spoke to friends and family

10% – read online carpet advice articles
6% – didn’t do any research

4% – read carpet guides/magazines

One carpet owner said: “You don’t want to order a lot of carpets just to see how it will look. You need to be able to see enough of the rug so that you can determine if it’s right for your home.”

2. Get carpet samples

If you know what stain and texture of wood flooring you want, get some samples so that you can see how it feels under your fingers and see how it looks in the lighting conditions in your home.

Don’t rely on how a carpet looks in a picture or even in the store. It’s better to see first hand by having it at your home and make a decision that way.

The colors you see in the store are likely very different from what we see at home because of a number of factors. For starters, we typically don’t use overhead strip lights when making color selections; instead, we prefer using the warm light that emits from indoor lamps. And then there’s the fact that we know firsthand how heated emotions can affect our vision – just ask anyone who has gotten into an argument with their partner right after painting a wall.

Some companies who have already purchased carpeting from us said that they walked on their samples to see how the carpet would feel underfoot.

3. Choose an underlay

Underlay is an important part of a carpet and can ensure it lasts a long time, that it wears evenly and the way how it feels when you walk on it gets improved. Furthermore, underlay makes sure that the room doesn’t get too hot in the summer nor feel quite as cold in winter and this helps to increase the sound insulation of your home.

Underlay should be replaced when you buy a new carpet. This will ensure that your floors are properly protected. Remember to factor the underlay into your costs!

Some mattress retailers will recommend a model of underlay. But don’t discount the option of getting less expensive alternatives that are just as effective.

If you’re thinking of laying underfloor heating beneath your carpet, the key thing to remember is that the combined thickness of both products needs to be low enough to allow heat to pass through.

Underfloor Heating Supplier specialists recommend that a total combined thickness of less than 2cm is ideal for most circumstances. Some retailers also sell specially designed carpets that are compatible with underfloor heating; consult them first if you’re not sure where to find this information.

4. Work out the price of your carpet

The most important factor to remember when buying carpet is that you can’t buy it in random sizes because you have to purchase it in set widths, which means there’s a lot of waste.

When purchasing carpet, you have the option to buy it in segments or entire rolls. When shopping this way, you may only need one roll depending on the size of your room. To determine how many total feet (see what we did there?) are needed for your space, take the length and width measurements and multiply them together.

Then, if necessary, you can order enough to create a border around the perimeter to help define the edge of your flooring area!

Carpet calculator: what size do you need? If you know the measurements of your room, use our carpet calculator to get an initial cost estimate. (This does not include fitting costs or any extras.) best carpet shop in dubai


5. Get an estimate

The next step is to have a surveyor come and see your property. The survey specialist will give you an accurate estimate after they visit your home and will usually provide the service free of charge if they feel they can do the job, but make sure to check with them about any potential charges before you book

If you have not yet ordered samples of the carpet, ask your contractor to order samples now. It is important to get a chance to inspect the carpets you may consider installing as they can all look a bit different, so it’s good to get an idea of how they actually are. best carpet shop in dubai

  • replacing and removing old floor coverings such as carpet or linoleum
  • moving furniture
  • gripper rods (to hold the carpet in place)
  • door alterations

6. Order your carpet

In order to keep your budget on approach, be sure to consult with a flooring professional who can talk you through some possible alternatives. best carpet shop in dubai

When you talk to retailers, make sure you have everything you need, and that the store won’t charge you for services or items that you don’t want.

The product manager will probably run a fair amount of market research and possibly hit up some focus groups before getting to work on the full-blown design, but it’s important not to lose sight of goals. best carpet shop in Dubai

Really, the most reliable method of keeping that focus is by knowing what you want to do going in – all while managing your schedule and being careful not to get too bitten with fear or indecision.

Always remember: no matter how busy you are you need quality sleep hygiene above all else! No matter how stressed out you may be over deadlines or budget constraints keep yourself refreshed as a hiker does

when ascending a steep mountain by consuming protein-dense, vitamin-rich food for breakfast to begin your day followed by lunch later on around noon time which is rich in carbs so as to give you the energy that lasts. best carpet shop in Dubai

7. Get your carpet fitted



When you decide to clean your carpets, the best carpet shop in Dubai asks how much the service will cost and if there’s anything extra that may need doing, like treating the material of your carpets with a stain guard. Many carpet cleaners require you to pay them cash on the day, so make sure you have enough money on you.

If you need to find a carpet fitter our advice is to study their credentials before hiring them to do the job.

You can search Which? best carpet shop in Dubai Trusted Traders free of charge to find a reliable carpet fitter you can trust. All Which? Trusted Traders go through proper assessments and verifications, so you have some assurance that they will do the job right. best carpet shop in dubai

How to save money on buying carpet best carpet shop in Dubai

Buy in winter: Prices drop in the months of December and January. Discounts are present during the show season, which falls between October-May.

Haggle: If you’ve seen a good deal elsewhere on the internet, try using it as leverage to negotiate and get your product for less by showing your vendor the cheaper price.

Get itemized quotes: You can identify where you might be able to avoid extra charges such as when you decide to remove old flooring yourself.

Remnants: Most carpet stores have a clearance section, where they sell off leftover pieces of the end of a roll at a lower price. You might get lucky and find a piece that is the right size for your space.

Discontinued stock: Carpets that are in style or being discontinued often have price reductions. Before you order, make sure you have a backup plan or the time to go back to planning how many yards of carpeting you really need for flooring a certain area because it may sell out before you can get your hands on it and get the new kind ordered! best carpet shop in dubai

Looking after your new carpet



New carpets can shed fluff for several weeks after they’re installed. Some amount of shedding is perfectly normal and you can keep it under control by vacuuming regularly. best carpet shop in Dubai

If you’re not sure about how to install a new carpet, we recommend getting help from our professional fitters who can do the job for you to ensure it meets all the exacting standards of your home.

While DIY enthusiasts may be able to tackle the task themselves, new homeowners or those who aren’t particularly accustomed to doing the work themselves will likely be better off hiring a professional carpet installer.

Whether you’re installing carpets in a rectangular space or trying to do tricky jobs like covering staircases, it’s a good idea to turn the job over to someone with experience installing carpets. best carpet shop in Dubai

What to Look for When Buying Carpet

After determining how and where you’ll use your new carpet (room, stairway, etc.), consider the following factors to choose a carpet that suits your home best. best carpet shop in Dubai

  • piles: the appearance of carpet when installed in the way it’s been cut or looped [the way that you have cut or left the loops]
  • carpet fibers: materials used to make the fabric
  • carpet treatments: After manufacturing, companies often add other things to their products to give them extra protection against staining or moisture.
  • carpet pads: the layer in clothing that can help give more breathability and yet more warmth

Different Types of Carpet

Piles describe how manufacturers use the fibers to make the carpet. The yarn is usually looped or cut to a certain length and twisted into place.

There are several pile styles with different textures. Some will hide dirt more easily; others track and wear down quickly. When you choose one for your home, consider the amount of traffic and how you plan to use the room. best carpet shop in dubai

1. Cut Pile



A cut pile carpet is composed of strands that are shorn symmetrically and twisted. They tend to be soft, allowing for footprints, vacuum streaks and more to be identified more easily. There are many different types, including

  • Saxony, velvet, or plush
  • textured
  • twist pile (often called frieze)

2. Low Pile Carpet


Hair length positions the texture and softness of the material. A short-cut carpet has yarn cut to 0.25” or less, cushioning the fibers to enrich your senses.

3. Plush Carpet


This plush style is trimmed off so that yarn ends poke up. Saxony plush, one of the most popular varieties, has short tufts that are densely packed to look like a thick carpet. It doesn’t tend to wear as well as loops.

4. Textured Carpet


Textured carpets have a variety of different sizes and lengths that create depth from one end to the next. Because it’s extremely durable and can handle high traffic situations, it’s ideal for spaces that get a lot of use, like family rooms or hallways where people are constantly coming in and out. best carpet shop in dubai

5. Twist Pile Carpet



Carpet fibers vary in length, which can have an effect on both the feel and life of a carpet. Twist length is one factor. A stronger twist will create a pile of longer, more durable fibers. For example, Frieze carpets are particularly twisted lengths – the strongest and heaviest twist that a carpet can be made from. As such Frieze carpets often last for years and tend to be the most expensive option for commercial areas. best carpet shop in Dubai

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