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Best Wooden Flooring Dubai Store - Cheap Carpets and Rugs Dubai Store

Floors play a significant role in the overall look of our interiors, acting as a standout feature. Wooden floors, in particular, add a natural and serene touch to our homes. They bring an elegant, timeless, and distinctive feel. If you’re thinking about getting wooden flooring for your home in Dubai, you’re making a good choice.

A carpet store in Dubai will get it done for you according to your requirements. If you’re looking for premium quality Wooden flooring in Dubai then Look no further! A carpet store is all you need!

Types of Wooden Flooring in Dubai

These are the main types of wooden flooring in Dubai available. You can go with the Vinyl, laminate, engineered, parquet, solid hardwood, Chevron Oak, Solid Antique Oak Flooring, Dark Smoked Oak Flooring, flooring, and Brushed and Oiled Oak Parquet Block Flooring. Oak, maple, and cherry are great wood choices for flooring. Bamboo, although technically a grass, is another option. If you’re looking for something more exotic like teak, jarrah, or mesquite, be prepared to pay a higher price. 

Outdoor Wooden Flooring Dubai and its benefits in the local climate

In Dubai’s hot climate, choosing the right outdoor flooring is crucial. Wood floors, with a lifespan of up to 100 years for solid hardwood and 50 years for engineered, offer numerous benefits. They enhance your home’s aesthetic, are low-maintenance, easy to clean, and resist stains, promoting a healthier environment.

Durable and inviting, wood floors add value to your home and suit any interior design. Despite higher initial costs, long-term benefits like improved air quality, reduced maintenance, and customizable refinishing make wood floors a cost-effective choice. Their color doesn’t fade, and they improve acoustics by reducing hollow sounds, making them ideal for various spaces.

Cheap Wooden Flooring Dubai Without Compromising Quality

Pine wood is one of the most affordable options for flooring, with an average cost ranging from $5 to $8 per square foot. However, it’s essential to note that inexpensive pine is softer compared to other wood types, which may affect its durability over time. Laminate flooring is a more affordable option compared to hardwood, and it also offers a quicker and cost-effective installation. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals who want to stay updated with the latest trends while managing their budget effectively. Carpet store in Dubai is providing the best services at affordable prices. 

Our Wooden Flooring Dubai Gallery

Dubai Flooring Options

Discover top-quality wooden flooring in Dubai at Carpet Store, offering affordable options from renowned manufacturers. Our selection includes eco-friendly wood species from certified forests, like engineered wood, parquet, laminate, luxury vinyl tiles, stone plastic composite, and contemporary carpet tiles. With thousands of products, our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect flooring for your style and budget.

In the local context, wooden flooring adds a unique and charming touch, creating a distinct atmosphere that resonates with our aesthetic. Embrace the timeless warmth and character of wood for a cozy and individualized space.

Carpets In Dubai

Explore Affordable Wood Flooring in Dubai

Explore budget-friendly wood flooring choices for your home or business, ranging from solid to engineered options. Solid wood, like Oak or Walnut, is all-natural but pricier. Engineered wood, with a top layer of natural wood and a cost-effective core, is the more economical choice. Option for plank style for affordability without compromising quality. Choose reputable suppliers like Carpet Store and Carpets in Dubai. These suppliers prioritize quality and affordability, offering diverse options to match your style.

Get Best Wooden Flooring Installation Service in Dubai

Important Points to Consider for Wooden Flooring:

    • Choose between solid and engineered flooring for noise considerations.
    • Decide on prefinished or site-finished planks based on customization preferences.
    • Consider the type of finish (oil or polyurethane) for desired aesthetics and durability.
    • Explore wood types (oak, walnut, cherry, etc.) and their unique visual characteristics.
    • Evaluate grain patterns and plank width options for the desired overall appearance. 
    • Shield wood flooring from direct sunlight and minimize water exposure.
    • Vacuum weekly to remove debris, wipe spills promptly, and avoid hairspray and furniture polish.
    • Refinish when necessary to enhance the floor’s longevity.
    • Protect the floor from rain and humidity, applying appropriate waxes and using doormats.
    • Dubai’s climate poses challenges like wood expansion due to heat and humidity.
    • Choose hardwood species like teak or ipe, or opt for engineered wood for mitigation.
    • Proper installation practices are crucial to prevent issues like warping or cupping.
    • Use window coverings and rugs to protect floors from intense sunlight and reduce dirt entry.
    • Regular cleaning is essential in the dusty environment to prevent scratches and damage.

Why Choose Our Carpets Store?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does parquet cost in Dubai?

The price of parquet flooring in Dubai varies based on factors like the type of wood and room size. Solid wood parquet tends to be the priciest, while laminate parquet is more budget-friendly. The cost can range from 15 AED to 80 AED per square foot, and this usually includes the installation expenses.

Which wood flooring is the cheapest?

Pine wood is one of the most affordable options for flooring, with an average cost ranging from $5 to $8 per square foot. However, it’s essential to note that cheaper pine wood tends to be softer, impacting its overall durability.

What is the best wooden flooring?

The finest hardwood floors are crafted from readily available and durable wood species. Good choices include oak, maple, and cherry flooring. Other options encompass bamboo (which is technically a grass), walnut, mahogany, and ash.

Is wooden flooring good for the home?

Wood flooring is cleaner than other types of flooring because it lacks surfaces that can trap dust, pollen, fleas, or parasites. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals with allergies or pet owners, particularly those with cats or dogs.

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