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Buy Cheap and Affordable Round Rugs Dubai and UAE

Round rugs are exactly what they sound like – circular rugs made from materials like polypropylene, jute, sheepskin, and wool. Carpets, especially in colder climates, trap warm air, making your home cozier in winter while conserving energy. They also provide a comfy space to sit or play, giving rooms a warmer vibe.

Round rugs are perfect for unique spaces or when you want to make a bold statement. They bring both aesthetic and practical advantages, enhancing your room’s atmosphere. Unlike rectangular rugs, round ones guide the eye along the room’s curves, creating a spacious feeling. They divert attention from the room’s size, making it appear less cluttered and more open. Round rugs add visual interest, making your space both stylish and inviting. It’s a great addition to your space. Get your best carpets by just visiting the Carpets Store and transforming your space with little change. 

Types Of Round Rugs

  • Best For Living Room

If you need round rugs carpets for your living room, you’re in the right spot! Your place will give us the whole vibe of just one addition. We offer top-notch quality rugs and carpets made with durable materials in Carpets Store UAE.

  • Buy Outdoor Rugs

We offer a variety of round stone rugs and carpets perfect for your outdoor lawns and patio spaces. Choose from our selection of outdoor rugs to beautify your area quickly. Our round rugs online are affordably priced, fitting well within your budget.

  • Round Persian Rugs

Persian rugs and carpets are the traditional rugs that add value to our culture and origins of the rugs and carpets. It had a special identity and pure addition to the rugs types. We have maintained the difference and quality of Persian quality for 8 years. You can get the pure one from our carpet store and get the touch of Royal beauty. 

  • Use For Bathroom

Using it for bathrooms is crucial for water resistance. We provide water and mold-resistant round rugs for your bathrooms and kitchens, ensuring you can use them comfortably in wet areas.

  • Round Oriental Rugs

We offer the flexibility to choose the color, texture, size, and shape of your oriental rugs. Our experts assist you in creating custom-made round carpet mats tailored to your preferences. Additionally, they can provide expert advice on designing the perfect circular carpet for your dining room.

Types of Round Rugs By Material

  1. Sisal Round Rugs

Sisal carpet is a renewable material made from the fibers of the agave plant, also known as agave sisalana (hence the name). Agave is a desert plant with long, spiny leaves like a yucca or aloe plant. The durable fibers that support those leaves are extracted and woven into rugs and carpets and rugs to make sisal. Sisal carpet is crafted from 100% natural fibers, ensuring toughness and durability. It can handle heavy foot traffic in places like entryways and hallways. With time, sisal softens but retains its natural beauty.

These rugs are sturdy and can endure for 5, 10, or even 15 years. However, a significant stain could drastically reduce their lifespan. To make your investment last, keep them away from water, food spills, and excessive dirt or grease. With care, you can make it long-lasting. So, if you want to invest in the best Sisal round rugs in UAE, do visit the Carpets Store. 

  1. Wool Round Rugs 

Wool round rugs are celebrated for their natural beauty and durability. Crafted from high-quality wool fibers, these rugs and carpets are soft to the touch, making them an ideal choice for areas where comfort is key. Their excellent resilience helps them maintain their shape and resist wear, ensuring longevity. Wool rugs and carpets also possess natural stain resistance, making them easier to clean and maintain. With their luxurious appearance and ability to insulate against both heat and cold, wool round rugs and carpets add a touch of elegance and comfort to any room.

  1. Silk Round Rugs 

Silk round rugs are the second name of sophistication. Made from the fine threads of silk, these rugs have a silky-smooth texture that feels incredibly luxurious underfoot. Silk’s natural sheen adds an element of glamour to any space, making them a popular choice for elegant interiors. However, silk rugs are delicate and may not be suitable for high-traffic areas. They require careful maintenance to preserve their beauty, but the result is a stunning centerpiece that brings aesthetics to your home.

  1. Synthetic Round Rugs

Synthetic round rugs are designed for practicality and affordability. Crafted from man-made materials like nylon, polyester, or polypropylene, these rugs and carpets offer a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns to suit various decor preferences. They are known for their durability, resistance to stains, and ease of maintenance. Synthetic rugs are a budget-friendly option suitable for busy households and areas prone to spills and heavy foot traffic. While they may lack the luxurious feel of natural fibers, synthetic round rugs are a practical choice for those seeking a balance between cost and convenience.

Round Carpet Trends in 2023-24

Round Rugs and rugs can be an unexpected yet perfect choice for your living space. Their circular shape effortlessly guides the eye around the room, adding a touch of intrigue while providing warmth and grounding to your living area. These rugs work wonders in small rooms, tricky nooks, children’s spaces, corner setups, and especially in entryways. By opting for a round rug, you not only enhance your space but also create a cohesive and stylish look throughout your home.

Using a round rug can make your living room seem much larger if your living room is small or in an apartment. Round rugs and carpets & rugs create a sense of space by guiding the eye along their curves. Unlike large rectangle rugs, which can make a small room feel cramped, round carpets and rugs maintain openness. Also, leave some space around the rug (about 20-30cm from the walls) to show the floor, making the room look more expansive. Round rugs always add a touch of openness, making any space feel bigger. We have a collection of Round a Rug according to the theme and your choice at the CarpetsStore. Just visit us online or at the Store to get the beautiful one. 

Design and Style of Roung Rugs Dubai

Traditional Round Rugs

Traditional round rugs showcase timeless patterns and rich colors, reflecting heritage and cultural significance. These rugs often feature intricate motifs, creating an aura of classic elegance and sophistication. Perfect for formal spaces, they add a touch of heritage to any room, enhancing the overall aesthetic with their intricate designs and warm tones. If you’re fond of traditional round rugs, you can go with the Persian round rugs and carpets. 

Modern Round Rugs

Modern round area rugs embrace sleek lines, bold colors, and innovative designs. They represent contemporary aesthetics, offering a minimalist and chic vibe. They are made up of the ideas and designs of this time.  With geometric shapes, abstract patterns, and vibrant hues, modern round area rugs are ideal for spaces aiming for a trendy, cool look. These area rugs transform rooms into stylish, artistic environments, making a statement and reflecting a modern design sensibility.

Geometric Patterns 

Geometric-patterned round area rugs feature precise shapes like squares, circles, triangles, or hexagons arranged in visually appealing arrangements. These patterns can never go outdated either in dresses or for the embellishment of the home. These patterns create a sense of order and harmony in a room. Their structured designs bring a balanced and contemporary feel to the space, making them a popular choice for those seeking a modern yet organized look.

Floral Designs 

Round area rugs with floral designs bring the beauty of nature indoors. These rugs feature various floral motifs, from delicate blossoms to intricate garden-inspired patterns. Floral round rugs area add a touch of femininity and freshness to any room. Floral patterns are go-to patterns that are evergreen. They are perfect for spaces aiming for a soft, romantic, or natural ambiance. With their organic shapes and vibrant colors, floral round area rugs and carpets create a harmonious atmosphere, making them an excellent choice for bedrooms, living rooms, or any area where a touch of nature is desired.

Size and Shape Variations 

  1. Standard Round Carpet Sizes 

Standard round rugs come in various sizes, ranging from small accent pieces to larger statement rugs. Common diameters include 4, 6, and 8 feet, providing options for different room dimensions. These standard sizes ensure versatility, making them suitable for both compact spaces and more extensive areas, offering a balanced and polished look to any room. By visiting our carpet store, you can get the piece in every type.

  1. Custom Round Rugs

Custom round rugs offer the freedom to tailor the size and shape according to specific requirements. Whether you need a uniquely shaped rug for an unconventional room layout or desire a precise fit for a particular space, custom round rugs provide the flexibility to accommodate individual preferences. This option allows for personalized design, ensuring the carpet perfectly complements the room’s dimensions and enhances the overall decor aesthetic. Discuss your favorite style and color with our experts and let that piece transform the vibes. 

Our Round Rugs Dubai Carpets Gallery

How to Choose the Perfect Round Carpet?

 Consideration of Room and Space 

Assess the dimensions of your room, ensuring the round carpet’s size harmonizes with the space. Consider furniture placement and traffic flow for a balanced layout. After that, you can ensure the type of Round Carpet as well. 

  1. Color Coordination 

Choose colors that complement your existing decor. It should be matched with the furniture and theme of the room. Round rugs offer an opportunity to introduce a focal color or pattern, enhancing the room’s overall aesthetic.

2. Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Understand the specific cleaning requirements of round rugs. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner. If anything fell down by mistake, clean it right away. Otherwise, it will leave the marks. Regular maintenance ensures longevity and preserves their appearance.

round carpets dubai

Round Carpet Care and Maintenance

. Cleaning Techniques 

 Discover effective and gentle cleaning methods tailored specifically for round rugs and carpets, ensuring their longevity and vibrancy. From regular vacuuming techniques to deep cleaning solutions will be helpful in maintaining long-term usage. Use white vinegar, baking soda,  and regular soap for stains. 

  1. Stain Removal Tips 

  • Spread baking soda evenly on the carpet.
  • Combine tested carpet shampoo with warm water and transfer it to a spray bottle.
  • Spritz the cleaning solution across the carpet.
  • Gently scrub using a carpet brush.
  • Pat the area dry with a clean cloth.
  • Mist the carpet with warm water.
  • Blot the carpet once more to remove excess moisture.
  1. Long-term Care for Round Carpets and  Rugs
  • Vacuum your rugs and carpets weekly to keep them clean and fresh.
  • Establish a no-shoe policy indoors to prevent dirt from entering.
  • Regularly shake out and clean living room furnishings.
  • Improve indoor air quality to maintain cleaner rugs.
  • Place mats strategically to trap dirt at entry points.
  • Schedule regular steam cleaning sessions for deep cleansing.
  • Opt for professional carpet cleaning products for effective results.
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Your Trusted Source For Decorating Round Rugs

  1. Living Room Decor Ideas 

The living room is incomplete without the beautiful carpets and rugs. Opt for a carpet that complements your existing color scheme and furniture style. Placing a round carpet beneath the coffee table or in a conversation area can define the space and create a cozy atmosphere

2. Bedroom Decor Ideas 

In bedrooms, round rugs can soften the look of a room with sharp angles, like those of beds and dressers. Choose a plush, comfortable round carpet that extends beyond the sides of the bed to create a warm landing for your feet in the morning. Match the carpet’s colors to your bedding or curtains for harmonious bedroom decor.

3. Dining Room Decor Ideas 

A round carpet under the dining table can define the dining area within an open space. Opt for a durable, easy-to-clean material given the potential for spills. Ensure the carpet is large enough to accommodate the dining chairs even when they are pulled out, creating a cohesive and visually appealing dining space.

4. Outdoor Spaces

Round outdoor rugs and carpets can transform your patio or garden into a stylish retreat. They can delineate seating areas, especially when placed under outdoor furniture. Look for weather-resistant materials that can withstand the elements. Consider earthy tones or vibrant patterns to complement your outdoor surroundings, adding a touch of elegance to your open-air spaces.

Round Rugs vs. Other Shapes

  1. Round Rugs vs. Square Rugs

Round rugs exude a sense of harmony and balance in a room, creating a soft contrast to the sharp lines of furniture and walls. They encourage a flowing, open atmosphere. On the other hand, square rugs provide a grounded, structured look. They are ideal for defining specific areas within a room, giving a sense of stability and symmetry. Your choice depends on the room’s aesthetic: a round carpet for a more relaxed, free-flowing vibe & latest one, or a square one for a tailored, organized feel.

2. Round vs. Rectangular Rugs

Round rugs, with their absence of corners, offer a sense of continuity and unity. They soften the room’s edges, making them perfect for smaller spaces or rooms with abundant sharp angles. In contrast, rectangular carpet edges define spaces distinctly, making them excellent for larger rooms or open floor plans. Rectangular rugts can align with furniture edges, creating a neat, well-defined look, while round ones introduce a touch of playfulness and elegance.

3. Round vs. Oval Rugs

Round rugs are versatile and work well with both traditional and contemporary decor. They draw attention to the center of the room, making them excellent for emphasizing a central feature like a coffee table. Oval rugss, being a blend of round and rectangular shapes, offer a compromise. They provide the softness of round rugs while fitting into longer spaces due to their extended shape. Oval rugs often evoke a sense of classic sophistication, making them an excellent choice for formal living areas or dining rooms. Your decision depends on the room’s layout and the ambiance you want to create.

Final Thought About Round Rugs Dubai

If you have decided to buy a circular carpet in Dubai, then you can choose us to buy your favorite carpet. Over the past 10 years, we have been designing round rugs and  carpets for our customers. We know all the demands of circular rugs and we can easily fulfill them. We can provide you with many options for your traditional Persian rugs and  carpets, so you can choose among them according to the requirements of your interior decor. 

Except for this, If you’re looking for a customized one, just discuss your Color and pattern with us. The rates of our round rugs in Dubai are very reasonable, so you can easily buy them for your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or patio areas. Call us now and get your rugs from us by visiting our Store or ordering it online. We are just one step away from seeing the revitalization of space. Boom with us!

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