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Kitchen Tiles Dubai

kitchen tiles in dubai

How to choose kitchen tiles in Dubai

Choosing the perfect tiles for your kitchen is a significant decision that can greatly impact the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space. Kitchen tiles serve as a protective layer for your walls and floors, while also adding personality and style to one of the most important rooms in your home. With a myriad of options available, it’s essential to consider several factors when selecting kitchen tiles to ensure they meet your specific needs and preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key considerations involved in choosing kitchen tiles, including material, design, durability, and maintenance.

How to choose the material for kitchen tiles in Dubai

There are a lot of floor and wall tiles out there that can help you with your tiling choices while choosing kitchen tiles in Dubai. Some of these tiles are more beneficial than others, such as those made from manmade materials. These would have been much cheaper to install and easy to maintain. They also typically come in myriad color schemes, finishes, and designs.

The other option for you is a natural stone; this comes with a higher cost since it’s not as cheap to make as plastic-based tile, so it’s hard to find alternatives online sometimes although companies tend to stock most of the basic ones that are popular today, you’re likely not going to run into trouble finding whatever it is that you need, regardless of which supplier you decide upon in the end!

Selecting the right kitchen tiles involves considering several factors:

Durability: Since kitchens are high-traffic areas prone to spills, stains, and heat, it’s crucial to choose kitchen tiles in Dubai that can withstand these challenges. Porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles are known for their durability and longevity.

Style and Design: The kitchen tiles in Dubai should harmonize with the overall style of your kitchen. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or eclectic look, there are tiles available to suit your taste. Consider the color scheme, patterns, and finishes that best complement your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Maintenance: Different tiles require varying levels of maintenance. Some tiles, like porcelain and ceramic, are easy to clean and maintain with regular sweeping and mopping. Natural stone tiles may require periodic sealing and specific cleaning products to preserve their beauty.

Slip Resistance: Safety is paramount in the kitchen, where spills are common. Look for tiles with slip-resistant surfaces, especially for kitchen floors. The tiles should have a suitable slip resistance rating to minimize the risk of accidents.

Types of Kitchen Tiles

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic kitchen tiles are Dubai are a popular choice for kitchens due to their versatility, affordability, and wide range of designs. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain Kitchen tiles in Dubai are known for their exceptional durability and strength. They are resistant to stains, scratches, and moisture, making them suitable for high-traffic areas like kitchens. Porcelain tiles also come in a vast array of styles and textures.

Glass Tiles: Glass  Kitchen tiles In Dubai add a touch of elegance and sophistication to kitchen designs. They are available in a range of vibrant colors and can create stunning visual effects when used as accents or backsplashes. Glass tiles are non-porous and easy to clean.

Natural Stone Tiles: Natural  stone kitchen tiles in Dubai, such as marble, granite, or travertine, bring a luxurious and timeless appeal to kitchens. Each stone has its unique characteristics, adding a touch of natural beauty to the space. However, they require proper sealing and maintenance to prevent staining and damage.

Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic kitchen tiles in Dubai are small tiles that come together to create intricate patterns and designs. They are available in various materials, including ceramic, glass, and natural stone. Mosaic tiles can add visual interest and personality to kitchen backsplashes or accent areas.

Natural stone material in kitchen tiles in Dubai

Natural stone can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, mainly when applied as tile. Marble is a popular option for floors, which usually require little to no maintenance unless the floor gets too wet.

Tile is often installed on walls in light colors like white and cream or very dark eggshells. It doesn’t need any ongoing work if it’s the suitable marble Some require sealing for protection and shining before applying a tile coating – but slate and limestone require occasional cleaning or polishing. Regardless of the material, consider a neutral or decorative grout because colored tiles can make a pattern that feels dated in just a few years.


Marble can typically come in shades of grey and white, but there are striking dark and vivid shades too. Likewise, veining can be subtle or dramatic depending on the marble type one is working with. Laying polished marble on a kitchen floor is not recommended since it could cause a slip hazard.


Limestone has a vast array of uses and is also widely available. Beige, grey, off-white, dark grey, and cream tones all look great with limestone because they complement the natural hues. Limestone can have different forms of durability depending on the color choice, so when you’re designing it for areas that will see heavy traffic or children running around, or even pets running amok in the house, make sure you get one that’s hard-wearing enough to withstand a high amount of traffic. Kitchen Tiles Dubai


Travertine is available in beige and grey hues and some warmer tones. It has natural voids on the surface, generally filled in most finishes or when grouted.


Slate provides a textured surface on the floor, or it can be used as an aesthetic addition to any kitchen by mounting it on the wall. Slate is dark and rich in color, helping it to become the focal point of any room in which it’s found. Kitchen Tiles Dubai

Popular Kitchen Tile Designs

  • Subway Tiles: Subway tiles are timeless and versatile. These rectangular tiles originated from the subway stations of the early 20th century. They offer a clean and classic look that complements various kitchen styles. Subway tiles can be arranged in different patterns, such as the traditional offset or the herringbone layout.
  • Hexagon Tiles: Hexagon tiles have gained popularity in recent years for their unique geometric shape. They add a modern and contemporary touch to kitchens. Hexagon tiles are available in various sizes and can be used to create stunning feature walls, backsplashes, or flooring patterns.
  • Patterned Tiles: Patterned tiles inject personality and visual interest into kitchen spaces. These tiles come in a wide range of patterns, from geometric designs to intricate motifs. Patterned tiles are ideal for creating focal points, such as a vibrant backsplash or an eye-catching floor.
  • Metallic Tiles: For a sleek and modern look, metallic tiles are an excellent choice. These tiles feature metallic finishes, including silver, copper, or gold. They can be used as accents or backsplashes to add a touch of glamour and shine to the kitchen.

Budget-Friendly Tile Options

If you’re on a budget, there are several cost-effective tile options available:

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are generally more affordable compared to other tile materials. They offer a wide range of designs and styles at a budget-friendly price point.

Vinyl Tiles: Vinyl tiles mimic the appearance of natural materials like stone or wood but at a fraction of the cost. They are durable, easy to install, and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Peel-and-Stick Tiles: Peel-and-stick tiles are a DIY-friendly option that can instantly transform your kitchen. These tiles come with adhesive backing, eliminating the need for messy adhesives or professional installation.

Tile Sizes and Layouts

The size and layout of kitchen tiles can greatly impact the overall appearance of the space. Consider the following options:

Standard Tile Sizes: Common tile sizes for kitchens range from small mosaic tiles (usually 1×1 inch or smaller) to large format tiles (up to 24×24 inches). Larger tiles can create a sense of spaciousness, while smaller tiles allow for intricate designs and patterns.

Tile Layout Options: The layout of the tiles can be as simple as the traditional grid pattern or as intricate as a herringbone, basket weave, or diagonal layout. The choice of tile layout depends on personal preference and the desired visual effect.

Colors and Finishes

Neutral Colors: Neutral colors like white, beige, gray, and taupe remain popular choices for kitchen tiles. They provide a clean and timeless backdrop that allows other elements in the kitchen to stand out. Neutral tiles also create a sense of openness and brightness.

Bold Colors: If you want to make a statement or add a pop of color to your kitchen, consider bold-colored tiles. Vibrant blues, greens, yellows, or reds can inject energy and personality into the space. Use them as accents or create a focal point with a colorful backsplash.

Matte Finish vs. Glossy Finish: Kitchen tiles come in various finishes, including matte and glossy. Matte finishes offer a more subtle and understated look, while glossy finishes reflect light and create a polished and contemporary appearance. Consider the level of shine you prefer when choosing the finish.

Tile Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your kitchen tiles looking their best. Follow these tips:

Regular Cleaning: Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to remove dirt and debris. Wipe spills immediately to prevent stains. For tile surfaces, use a mild detergent or tile cleaner and a damp cloth for regular cleaning.

Grout Maintenance: Grout lines can accumulate dirt and grime over time. Clean them regularly using a grout cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and water. Apply a grout sealer every few years to protect against staining and discoloration.

Avoid Harsh Cleaners: Avoid using abrasive cleaners or acidic substances that can damage the tiles or grout. Instead, opt for gentle cleaners recommended for your specific tile material.

Preventive Measures: Place mats or rugs in high-traffic areas or near the sink to protect the tiles from scratches or spills. Use felt pads under furniture legs to prevent scratching the tile surface.

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